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You should also extend the warranty on your valuable furniture.

You feel unhappy if your valuable furniture is damaged or broken. But have you checked the furniture warranty? Generally, most furniture comes with the manufacturer warranty and this lasts only for a year or two. However, if the standard warranty is expires, you have the option to extend the period through extended warranty services. The extended warranties you are offered at AAA Warranty Services are beneficial in terms of cost and delivery. Our extended warranties are not just as a simple promise but a binding to replace or fix parts that have gone faulty or damaged.

With the AAA furniture extended warranty, you can relax knowing that all your furniture are protected from damages and other accidental damages. Plus, along with the plan, you avail the service of a furniture repair expert as well. No matter the kind of furniture you plan to buy, we have the right protection plan that is designed in accordance with your needs and budget.


Save big on your furniture

Furniture warranty assures you that your new furniture is protected as well as being as an investment for your home. It will cover the replacement parts, or repairs when necessary. However, it does not cover normal wear and tear.



by avoiding the high cost of repair

Offering you peace of mind

With no tension on the part of repair or replacement, you get the right peace of mind

High service delivery

Give customers immediate response by network of professional technicians

We value our customers

We have been the leader to offering furniture protection for many years. With our dedicated and timely involvement, our valued customers know we are the trust worthy service providers who deliver solutions in a great way. Be it any kind and size of furniture, the goal of our various protection plans is to help the clients get their claims done in a reasonable way. Our warranty services are created to reflect the wishes of our customers; therefore you get the best extended furniture warranty service from us. Our services are available in the regions of UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Oman.


Coverage that protects your furniture

Our furniture extended warranty plans offer you peace of mind and satisfaction.