Buying a nice and reliable used car will be more cost effective in most cases than buying a new car. Your first car - be it new or used one, it’s rather a good deal. You may invest your more time and energy to find the desired model for a decent price. Once you decided on the car, then follows a series of paperwork, registrations, warranty transfers and so. Here are few things that will guide you if you are looking to buy a second car.

Get the car inspected thoroughly

Let a trusted mechanic inspect the car you intend to purchase for any damages. This allows the owner to fix issues before handing over the car to you, otherwise you can discuss terms on price reduction.

Check all filters such as the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and transmission filter, and get it changed if it needs to. These filters need to regularly cleaned and oiled, this produces a noteworthy impact in the performance of the car. Looking into these will help you making a judgment of how well the car has been maintained.

Check the brakes of the car you intend to purchase and do a test drive at s speed of 50 to 60 Kmph in a less traffic area. Unexpectedly press down the brakes all of a sudden and check for any unusual or shrieking noise from the brake pedal. Brakes that make sounds could also mean that the rotors need replacement.

All tires of the car should be checked to ensure of the surface of them are evenly worn. If it worn unevenly, the car needs wheel alignment. Your mechanic can tell you clearly about this.

As well check for any sort of damage under the hood and dents or rust. These indicate either the car is damaged before or is poorly maintained.

Get the second-hand car insurance and extended warranty transferred to your name

It is important to get the name changed in the insurance policy to your name. If the registration is in your name and the insurance is in the previous owner name, then the insurance stand void. Therefore it is important to have the insurance transferred to your name after buying a used car.

Likewise if the previous owner has the extended warranty, check if the owner has the transferable extended warranty. In that case it also should be transferred to your name. Extended warranty is really worth for the car since it put a check on future repair costs. If the previous owner doesn't have an extended warranty you can buy it from reliable third party providers.

When you buy it from AAA Warranty Services, you get a high level of protection at a reasonable price. The company offers various plans that varies in the level of coverage on parts. Owning an extended warranty for your car is worth since it covers you for the extra expenses you would have to spend on the repairs and protect your budget without causalities.

Check your Car thoroughly before the first drive

The car must be cleaned up thoroughly. Make the car polished and with a fresh look, experience it like a new car.

It is important to the change the fluids and oils. The good part on used car is to right away change the fluids and oils before using it.

Make quick fixes on spark plugs, lights, etc… Any signs of rust, and cracks or other faults should also be checked and fixed. Once everything is sorted, you are ready to go for a ride.

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