For the maintenance to become so smooth, Oil change for your vehicle is very critical. It helps to perform better in the long run and offers a much-tuned performance if you change the oil as per manufacturer specification.

Oil change for the vehicle is like a hectic activity for many. People who take much care to their vehicle will tend to remember the oil change period. However, in the busy life, the maintenance of the car can be easily forgotten. But in order to properly care for your car, you must often plan a time to have the oil and filters changed. By learning more about the importance of oil changes, you may be more motivated to get them done when the time comes.

When you should change the Oil?

Car experts recommend having the oil changed for your car at least every 3500 to 5000 Kms. It depends on the kind of oil your vehicle consumes. Synthetic oil lasts longer than the conventional ones. In the case of new cars, it can go more than ten thousand kilometers before changing the oil.

What, if you avoid oil changes?

If you avoid the oil change for your car, costly damages can occur. This lead to conditions like the engine overheating and sledding which then deteriorate the performance quality of your car. The oil is what keeps the parts functioning properly and moving the vehicle smoothly. With the absence of this lubricant, the friction and heating can damage the car severely.

Change in the color of the oil

People have a different perception on the oil color change. Some think that having dark oil is a bad sign. It indicates that the oil is dirty and need to be changed. If your oil is lighter in color, like the color of tea, it is still in good shape and does not require a change just yet. Having no oil at all is something to be concerned about.

Unexpected engine trouble in the middle of a journey?

If things are out of control at times, for example in the break down situations due to oil issues, you are unable to manage it alone, there are professionals who offer Roadside assistance who provides towing services to pull off their vehicles to authorized repair centers. When it comes to Roadside Assistance in the Middle East, you can count on AAA Warranty Services for the best roadside assistance policy. Entering into an agreement for an RSA policy would be beneficial in such situations. They provide towing service, gasoline service, lockout service, mechanical first aid, and tire service.

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