Usually, when you buy a product it comes with a manufacturer's basic warranty which lasts for a year or two. But you will often come across the salespeople pitching for the extended warranty that gives protection even after the completion of the standard warranty.

There is much to the extended warranty

Extended warranties can extend the period of warranty of the products (automobiles and Electronics). It normally comes with the offer for repair or replacement of the parts for an extended period. If you are considering to buy an extended warranty, enquire what coverage it is going to provide for your valuable assets. Ask the warranty provider to explain exactly what extra benefits you will get. They are supposed to disclose the details. Also, think about the price of the warranty compared to the price of the product.

The advantages with the extended warranty are that the parts of the vehicle will get repaired or replaced with the genuine parts. This will be the case with the electronics devices as well.

Questions to ask before buying an extended warranty

 - How long will the extended warranty last?

 - How much it costs for the different warranty plans?

 - When does it start functioning? From the date of purchase or after the expiry of standard warranty?

 - Are there any special requirements to keep the extended warranty valid? For example is there a special cleaning regimen that must be followed?

 - What exactly is covered by the extended warranty? For example, does it cover labor and parts?

 - Are there important exclusions and restrictions? For example, is the customer responsible for freight costs?

 - If the extended warranty promises to replace your product or give you a refund, is there a depreciation clause?

 - How difficult is it to make a claim and who do you claim through? Are there fees involved?

 - Is the cost of the extended warranty worth it compared with the cost of the product and its likely life expectancy?

 - Will the extended warranty gives you more protection than you already have with automatic consumer guarantees?

Get the extended warranty from the trusted providers

AAA Warranty Services LLC is an expert in providing an extended warranty to new and used cars. The auto warranty typically covers anything that goes wrong with the car and it provides you with a high level of coverage at a reasonable price. It gives you the real value that allows customers to keep away from anxiety and monetary loss. Besides offering complete protection through our various extended warranty plans, the provider handles your claims in a flexible way. Find out our services they offer you great peace of mind.

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