Regular maintenance for your car is well important, it can save your car from burning more fuel. It can burn substantial percent of fuel if proper maintenance is not provided. Everyone knows the importance of maintenance, but we often don’t take it seriously.

Here are some fuel savings tips

 - It is better to check the car’s tire pressure once a week or once in two weeks. It is because that under inflated tires burn more fuel. If the tires don’t have the recommended tire pressure and air, the resistance to the tire increase.

 - Control the vehicle speed. If your car has the cruise control apply it when needed. This can save you a good amount of fuel at the end of the day.

 - Rusted battery cables cause the alternator to work harder by utilizing more fuel. It is better to get them cleaned as part of your regular engine check-up.

 - Keep changing the air filters as recommended in the vehicle manual or as per the distance covered. It invites more trouble if you drive in the dusty conditions.

 - Have a consistent engine check-up. Engine tune up is now is easy with the introduction of computer controlled fuel injection. In the process of an engine tune-up maximum, you can expect the replacement of spark plugs fuel filters and oxygen sensor.

 - Driving in the highest gear in the recommended speed is another efficient way that can save fuel. Driving at 50 to 60 Km/h in the lowest gear than it would be will use a higher percentage of fuel. Traveling speeder in low gears can consume up to 45 percent more fuel than is needed.

 - Drive cautiously and smoothly is the mantra. By applying the light throttle and avoid heavy braking, you can reduce the wear and tear and particularly the fuel usage. Driving techniques have a greater role in bringing down the fuel usage to a greater extent.

 - Slowing down or speeding up wastes fuel. Also, avoid tailgating. Not only is it unsafe, but it hits the other car and affects your economy if the other driver slows down unexpectedly.

Things are unpredictable. Even if everything seems to go perfect, you may end up in trouble during situations. Fuel filling sometimes may not possible in the region where no stations are available. As a matter of precaution, the best way is to get a Roadside assistance policy where the policyholders will provide you with the fuel service. In a matter of few minutes, your problem will be resolved and can continue the journey.

Roadside Assistance with AAA warranty Services

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