The trade-in value of any product depends on how demand it has on the current market. The same also holds true for the used cars - the trade-in value of it depends on how valued the car is on the market. When people shop around for a used car, they look for the vehicle reliability, the clean history, and the number of owners. The most important thing they take into consideration is how well and frequently the vehicle has been serviced. Moreover the vehicles with the extended warranty are significantly better serviced than the vehicles without one.

Get more value when you sell

Here is where the extended warranty comes in to play in deciding the resale value. At the time of purchase of your car, you might feel secured with the standard warranty that comes with it. However when you choose to sell the car after few years down the line an extended warranty can help you sell the car without any hassle and without affecting its value. The buyer will feel more tempted to buy the used car if they come to know the car is covered with extended warranty protection.

Here is the logic

The person who wishes to sell wants to make the most out of his deal, and the buyer doubts that there would be issues with the car they are going to purchase. Hence the reason many buyers are willing to have a mechanic check before they buy. An extended warranty actually is saving time and money for both parties and it removes the need for bringing a mechanic even. More than that, having a warranty protection makes your car model more preferential than the other same model and make.

Another way an extended protection saves you money is that you don’t have to do much repair before you sell. An extended warranty means that the buyer don’t need to worry about the cost of an expensive repair while they own the car, and they feel financially secure when taking into account the deal. This is what matters in the end; you are not spending too much, and you get good resale value at the time you sell.

Anyone interested to trade-in his or her car, should keep its extended warranty in mind. Buyers always prefer something for free and the extended protection is one of those choices that make them lure for your car. It is the option that gives buyers the provision to get their car repairs done as and when needed. Buyers feel more empowered and the chances of buying your car increases many times.

Transfer car warranty

Extended warranty plays a decisive role in keeping the resale value of your car good. Ensure the warranty you purchase for your car can be transferred at the time of selling, since both the transferable and non-transferable warranties are offered to the customers. Whether it is transferable or not depend on the terms and conditions mentioned in the warranty contract. Indeed, the provider may offer both types of warranty contracts.

The procedure for transfer

Even if the warranty is able to be transferred, it will be never done automatically. The person who owns the car is needed to contact the provider and get the authorization to transfer. They will have formalities to proceed through. In the same way the buyer will also be required to fill in the personal and other information to the warranty provider in order to avail the coverage. Some providers make the transfer process simple through phone or others may initiate through several procedures. Also confirm with the provider that any costs will be involved to transfer the warranty.

Many owners find it worth to have added protection and invest in extended warranties for their vehicles. Warranty providers such as AAA Warranty Services in Kuwait specialize in offering numerous auto warranty plans to its customers. They feel that the cost they invested for their car warranty is a blessing. Since through the desired trade, the owner gets increased value for their car, and the potential customer getting a well-serviced vehicle through extended car warranty.

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