If you are concerned about buying a used car, you might be thinking about getting an extended warranty as an extra layer of protection. Thinking about the auto expenses on a used car, extended protection is a good way to minimize the risk. Here are a few things to consider before you buy it.

If the vehicle is under standard warranty:

Understand if the vehicle you intend to buy is already under warranty. Most likely, it will be out of standard warranty coverage. In case if the warranty term is not completed, understand to what extent it is valid and the exact date of expiry. However, if the standard warranty of the vehicle has already expired, buying an extended warranty makes a lot of sense.

What is the tenure of the protection?

If the extended warranty you ought to purchase is based on kilometers or time, understand how it functions. Also, understand, does the protection begin from the time you take the ownership or from when the vehicle was sold new. Before you sign the agreement, know precisely what you are spending for.

What is covered and what is not?

Providers come with different warranty plans that include different coverage options. Every warranty plan has its own advantages. If you are concerned about the electrical system in the vehicle or with the transmission, ensure the plan you consider covers the mechanisms you are looking for. Hence take time to read and understand fully the terms and instructions.

Can you cancel the warranty later?

Some providers allow you to cancel a warranty after the purchase. If allowed, you will receive an allocated amount as a refund. Check if the warranty providers offer this option to its customers.

Do you need to maintain a separate budget for maintenance?

Scheduled maintenance is excluded from the extended warranty coverage. It includes items such as oil change, maintenance, belt replacement etc. It also does not cover the wear and tear of mechanical parts. However, you can check with the provider to confirm if the maintenance part is included in the warranty plan.

Buying an extended warranty is a big decision to make, but the ultimate decision will come down to if you prefer the peace of mind or money in your pocket. Avoid worries when you purchase the warranty from AAA Warranty Services. AAA Warranty Services is an industry expert in the vertical of Extended Warranty services in the Middle East. It is internationally licensed to provide auto extended warranty. It offers other personalized services such as Roadside Assistance and Replacement vehicle facility to make the travel trouble-free. Be ready to experience dedicated services from the world leader.

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