Until your car is under the standard manufacturer warranty, you do not need to feel apprehensive about the expenses caused due to any mechanical failure or other damages. You will be compensated for the loss by the providers based on the conditions set. Here comes the question, “what next when the original warranty expires”, would you like to remain unprotected or prefer to choose an extended warranty?

Buying an extended warranty depends on your choice

The question of buying an extended warranty for your car depends on your choice. If you are the person who likes to buy new cars every few years while it’s still under the manufacturer warranty, probably buying an extended warranty might not make sense. However if you plan on keeping the vehicle for long (past its standard warranty term), then having an extended warranty is worth it. You are left liable for the cost of auto repairs if it is not protected with extended warranty coverage.

The choice of purchasing an extended protection is depended on how likely your car is to break down and how much it would cost you if it did. For some of us, paying a hefty amount for replacing an AC might not be an issue, but for the majority of us, it is not the case, and it isn’t likely we always have the additional amount in hands for the repair or replacement. While vehicle now these days has complex network of system, the repairs have become more expensive and extensive. Considering these it is worth to go for an extra protection for your cars.

Extended protection for new vehicles or used vehicles

The warranty is available for both the new and used cars. But the way the coverage is provided differs -the make and model of the car, age of the vehicle, driving history, mileage, and more will be taken into consideration.

When you opt to purchase the protection plan for your old car, it will be costlier to purchase as it is assumed to have higher chance of requiring repairs. Hence the reason it is recommended to protect your vehicle with a right plan in its early life -thus can avoid the rising repair costs. It does mean that there is a higher chance of using the coverage during its lifetime, giving more value to your extended warranty.

From where can you buy? Is there any best time to buy?

Anytime you can purchase the warranty. It’s your choice. However waiting to get the standard warranty expired will end up paying a higher premium rate. The better time to purchase is may be near the end of the original warranty. During this time you can do the research on the types of coverage for your vehicle model.

It is important that you choose the policy from a provider that’s reputed and trustworthy. AAA Warranty Services for example has their own list of items covered for repair or replacement under their policy. They have plenty of coverage options to offer and it ensure that the plan you choose just fit into your requirements and budget. This is highly advantageous.

Buying the coverage that has less parts covered will result in a costly repair bill. You want to sure that how the claim will work out in the event of any breakdowns. On the other hand buying the plan that has much coverage is not a big idea too. Understand what is included in the policy and the part that comes under the coverage is worth it.

As well, check out for the exclusions, which items are not covered. Check out the claim history of the company you are considering. AAA Warranty Services has the good history of settling the claims in no time. It is supported by “Hannover Re” the largest reinsurance group in the world. So in all ways it makes sense to purchase a third party extended warranty from this warranty provider.

Does your car need it?

The answer to this question is a big “Yes”. Under the extended warranty the car is more likely to be maintained and in good working condition. It is considered more trustworthy and of more value to the owner. If the car is covered with extended protection, the owner can command for a higher trade-in value.

New Cars

AAA Warranty Services extends its coverage options to all kinds of brands including the American, Japanese, European, Korean and so. The coverage offered is almost identical to the original manufacturer’s warranty and comes to life after the expiry of the original warranty.

Used Cars

The customers will have the flexible plans to choose from and most of these plans have a varied coverage component. Separate and special plans have been designed for the luxurious brands such as Audi, Lexus, Benz and so with coverage similar to that of standard warranty for a period of one year.

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