When your vehicle meet with any unfortunate incidents like a flat tire or a dead battery or out of fuel, you need assistance. Thanks for the roadside assistance. Once you decide to pick a Roadside assistance policy, finding a company that offers reliable services is worth it. Unlike choosing other services or products, it is a daunting task to choose the best policy and provider also. It is an option that comes with the insurance or extended warranty policy. The extended warranty company normally makes tie with a network of service providers that provide roadside assistance services or employs a dedicated team who makes a visit and provide necessary help on behalf of customer request.

The service provider that shall be sent to a driver depends on the location, vehicle and circumstances. The provider which is close to the driver location will mostly attend the repair. Usually the services you get with the Roadside assistance policy includes the towing, battery service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, and lockout service.

Here are few things you need to become aware before you pick the policy

Vehicle coverage: Getting to know about the roadside assistance coverage is primarily important. Know if your vehicle only will be covered or it is applicable to other cars as well, like when you drive other vehicles (like a rental car). May be you want a coverage that is relevant to the member, no matter who owns the car.

Towing: Is the towing service given to a dealership or any place you choose? In addition to that you must be aware of the mileage limit that the towing service will be offered. If the distance exceeds than a particular limit, you will be charged. So make clear about the limits of the mileage.

Choose options only what you need: Companies may come with additional options along with the roadside assistance plan such as that offers maps and directions, replacement vehicle, travel and hotel discounts until your vehicle is in the garage shop. If you seldom leave the town, you do not need these services. You may need the replacement vehicle to meet your travel needs. So save the money and opt for a more basic package.

Who pays for petrol? Make an understanding about how much fuel the provider offer in case if you run out of fuel. Some plans offers a certain amount of fuel free of cost and if it exceeds that you need to pay for that. You need to make sure the limit the amount of fuel they set as free.

Pre-existing conditions; if any incidents happened due to a pre-existing condition before signing up for the roadside assistance, some providers will charge extra for the emergency call.

Choose the right provider for the policy

Knowing the above things will make you prepare well for choosing the right roadside assistance plans that fit your needs. One again the question pop up, which provide should you opt for the policy. AAA Warranty Services has an unalterable position in the industry that truly serves with wide range of extended warranty services to their customers. AAA services are clear-cut about explaining the policies it offer and the replacement vehicle options to its customers. With years of experience, it has a good track record of serving large amount of customers across Middle East countries.

It includes the Auto extended warranty – warranty coverage for used and new cars, and Electronics extended warranty. We don’t know, when we land in trouble, therefore it is recommended to have a Roadside assistance policy with the leader in the Middle East. Know more about the AAA Roadside assistance policy and the Replacement vehicle facility.

The company has good reputation with years of experience in offering various services such as the towing service, fuel delivery service, flat tire, lockout service etc. If you are in search for the Roadside assistance in the Middle East you can visit their site for further details.

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