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Insure your travel for a safe and tranquil journey;

All travel arrangements have been made for your long-awaited journey abroad. But one thing you have missed out for sure is that you have not figured in the thought of having a right travel protection plan. While it looks to be immaterial in the beginning, but the fact is that travel protection or travel insurance is a must have element once you have decided to travel abroad.

What's next? Considering the thought of protection, your focus should be to get the proper coverage towards any unexpected happenings such as the trip cancellations, accidents, injuries, misplace of passport, luggage etc…therefore the best possible thing is to obtain the maximum coverage from the trust worthy providers as they come with the best plans.

We always strive to anticipate the needs of the customer so as to ascertain his complete satisfaction. Hence, the initiation of 'travel insurance' as well to our listed services. We are proud of this 'one-stop-shop' package.

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Hot line : Kuwait - 1808040 | UAE - 800 222 97


Insurance should be part of your travel

AAA Warranty Services LLC is Middle East's travel insurance/protection specialists who are devoted to providing extensive travel insurance plans in a cost-effective way, so you can travel in a very relaxing way. We have the best flexible options designed to meet the varied requirements of the customers. Moreover you have the choice to pick on the plan based on the duration you like to spend abroad. Each plan comes with varied benefits and it is recommended to choose the coverage accordingly. Additionally the coverage can be customized in accord with the requirements. Doesn't matter how safe your trip will be it is always better to carry the travel protection plan from the best travel insurance company in Middle East, AAA Warranty Services LLC.

If you are in a business trip or for family outing, with our committed services, you can be sure that you have the best travel protection with you.

It's quite normal for one to have a thought, as to what kind of situations and number of trips the coverage is being provided, so that they will get an idea on how to organize their budget. The categories that fall in our line of coverage plans include the:

Health Coverage

includes the coverage for any interruption such as the cancellation of trip, flight delays etc…

Personal assets coverage

It includes the loss of luggage

Trip expenses

Includes the coverage for any interruption such as the cancellation of trip, flight delays etc…

other important services

Emergency message center

Coordination with the customers is important in emergency situations. As a leading provider we have the refined messaging system where you can leave and receive the messages in immediate situations.

Pre-departure services

With this type of service, customers can avail the valuable info on treatments, Visa and passport requirements, any weather issues and so before the departure.

Lost baggage including passport

We lend our extreme involvement to get back your valuable items including the passport.

Insurance Coordination

Claiming the insurance from a different country is perplexing. As a responsible provider, we help you out to complete the insurance claims in an effective way.

Evacuation and Repatriation

With the best evacuation facilities we coordinate with you to receive the best treatment in the case of emergency situations.

Medical emergency services

You will be more comfortable if you know already that someone is there to help you. Our services help to get the best medical care and also make sure medical expense insurance, assured payment and so.

Legal assistance

Whatever the legal assistance you need for your travel plans, we can provide assistance.

Emergency financial service

In a situation where you need emergency cash, in coordination with authorized agencies we can provide cash through banks, consulates, hotels and through other cash dealing firms such as the western union etc…

Travel agency

This service can be very helpful in the situation your ticket is stolen or lost. We arrange payment via your credit card.

The other services we provide to the customers include fuel delivery, Lookout service, battery start and other related facilities. In addition to providing these services customers will get other benefits as well. These unmatched solutions makes the AAAA Warranty Services, the leading roadside assistance provider in the gulf region.
At the heart of us lies the foundation of our motto – give the quality service to our clients.


you ultimate peace of mind

Travel protection is what you need in the first place if you decide to have a wonderful outing abroad. Decide fast and get effective plans from us.