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Offering extra protection with GAP coverage

It will be much discouraging if your vehicle does not obtain the comprehensive coverage in the event of any accident or theft. You would be in a hope that you get a decent coverage, but this may not be the case always.

Though the coverage is comprehensive, you have the chance of losing the money if your new vehicle is undervalued. What comes into play here is that the company that has offered the coverage will take into account the depreciation value as well- the reduction in the value of vehicle over time. With the amount you receive after final clearance, sadly you are unable to buy an equivalent car and are unlikely to pay back what you owe on your financial part.

That's where the AAA GAP coverage comes in. If within the Period of coverage an accident occurs inside the Geographical Limits and the Motor Policy underwriter labels the vehicle as 'Total Loss', we will pay the shortage between the Insured Value or the value of the vehicle as determined in the coverage policy and the market value of the Vehicle.

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Apart from offering the best insurance options, we move one step to the front and deliver on its promises. Performance matter; as a key GAP insurance provider in the Gulf Region, we give priority to our customer concerns and settling the claims. If you have decided to go for GAP insurance cover for your new vehicle, getting the services from us are beneficial in many ways. Given the advantages we are considered as the top GAP insurance provider that certainly will astonish customers. Come and choose the best plan that is suitable to your budget.

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We come with the best suitable plans that have been best tailored for your financial protection.