If you don’t have a roadside assistance plan for your car, you may want to get one soon. No one likes to be in the middle of the journey with their car stopped due to mechanical failure or due to any of these issues like dead batteries, flat tires, and keys being locked inside the cars.

Figuring out the right roadside assistance plan for you, though, may not be that easy. The plans may vary from company to company and the services each provides can be slightly different. You need to do your research. Here are some questions to ask you.

How often can you use the service?

There would be limitations to the number of services request for each plan. Exceeding the limit means you have to pay for the service you receive from them, whether it’s the towing service, giving the mechanical first aid, or having the fuel delivered to your car.

Is it easy to call for roadside assistance?

Plans usually have a toll free number you can dial. The providers will have a nationwide tie-up with authorized garages who offers all of the services the plan covers. So choosing from the provider that has the most tie-ups will be beneficial for you. Understand how quick they can offer the service.

Does the coverage extend to other vehicles I drive?

This is critical information you need to know from the providers. You need to confirm if the roadside assistance plan applies to the covered car or the other cars you drive.

Where does the plan provide coverage?

There would be some distant limit which the plan is covered. You may be unable to get the coverage if you are out of the distance limit. Find out if you will be reimbursed if your vehicle breakdown in a location where it is out of the coverage limit.

How far can I have the car towed?

Check whether the service will only tow your car to the nearest repair facility, or if you can choose another farther away.  The distance could be as little as three miles to as many as 100 miles. Check if additional distance will be covered.

Can I cancel the plan anytime?

Yes. You'll typically get a pro-rated refund, though the plan might deduct the value of any services you received. You also may have to pay a cancellation fee.

Sign up for only what you need:

Full-service clubs offer maps and directions, travel and hotel discounts, travel insurance, and help in locating hotels or alternative transportation when your car is in the shop. If you rarely leave town, save the money and opt for a more basic package.

Choose the right provider for the policy

Knowing the above things will make you prepare well for choosing the right roadside assistance plans that fit your needs. Once again the question pops up, which provider should you opt for the policy. AAA Warranty Services have an unalterable position in the industry that truly serves with a wide range of extended warranty services to their customers. AAA services are clear-cut about explaining the policies it offers and the replacement vehicle options to its customers. With years of experience, it has a good track record of serving a large number of customers across Middle East countries.

It includes the Auto extended warranty – warranty coverage for used and new cars, and Electronics extended the warranty. We don’t know, when we land in trouble, therefore it is recommended to have a Roadside assistance policy with the leader in the Middle East. Know more about the AAA Roadside assistance policy and the Replacement vehicle facility.

The company has a good reputation with years of experience in offering various services such as the towing service, fuel delivery service, flat tire, lockout service, etc. If you are in search of the Roadside assistance in the Middle East you can visit their site for further details.

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