Doubt will cast upon the minds of boat owners, whether to buy the extended warranty for the new boats and engines they are considering.  They want to know if it really worth for what they spend. The answer certainly can be yes or no. Yes, if the consumers understand the full terms and conditions and buy it from the authorized warranty providers like the AAA warranty services.

Before buying, what things you should know?

An extended warranty is like an insurance coverage that provides coverage for the repairs or breakdown of the important mechanical parts. The damages excluded from or not specified in the policy are not covered. What parts and how these are being covered would be mentioned specifically in the policy. You must take every point into consideration. Warranty companies only offer services as described in the contract, there will be no less no more. AAA marine extended warranty plan comes with the best coverage plans designed to cover nearly all mechanical parts.

Price and Logic

The cost of the warranty is definitely an important factor. Customers should get the value for what they spend and likewise, the claim for any damage should be fast. When choosing Warranty Plans, you have to take these into consideration. AAA extended warranty plans have been designed to cover nearly all the mechanical parts of your new or used boat or yachts. Along with the best coverage plans, the customers ensure that the boats and yachts remain in the best working condition.

Check if it’s transferable

Find out if your warranty coverage can be transferred to a subsequent owner. This can be a real plus when you want to sell. AAA marine warranty plans are transferable to a new owner helping to increase resale value.

Final consideration

Considering the tough environments such as the rough water, salty seas, hot and cold seasons and more, it is good to take extended warranty plan for your valuable asset. With the best protection plans in the offer, you certainly get the protection you wanted and moreover, you can save a lot.

How is AAA Warranty beneficial?

  • New boat coverage up to 5 years
  • Pre-owned coverage up to 1 year
  • Pre-owned coverage available for vessels up to 7 years old
  • Coverage up to 36 feet and 2000 horsepower
  • Accessory coverage customized to ski boats, runabouts, Jets key, fishing boats as well as coverage for all marine engines.
  • Transferable to a new owner helping to increase resale value
  • Claims paid directly to repair facilities.
  • Honored at factory authorized repair centers in the Middle East.
  • Oldest and largest marine protection program

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