When you purchase a product, be it consumer electronics product or a vehicle, it comes with a manufacturer warranty. This warranty is for certain period, say a period of 1 year and it covers the types of damages the product can go through to and it protects the products from such damages by saving money from immaterial repair costs.

Every product comes with a manufacturer warranty and for some products, it comes with the option to take the manufacturer warranty or not. But always it is good to prefer the manufacturer warranty that saves you money from future unknown damages. The expiry of the manufacturer warranty leaves the customers with no choice of further protection. Here comes the extended warranty for your rescue.

Extended warranty is a prolonged warranty which you can buy at the time of purchase of equipment or vehicle or after the manufacturer warranty gets over. Most people ignore to buy an extended warranty without knowing its worthiness. You never know what damages spoil your worthy product after the manufacturer warranty gets over.

Extended Warranty for vehicles

Manufacturer Warranty associated with the vehicles typically covers only certain problems. On the other hand, extended auto warranty typically covers problems with mechanical and electrical components that don’t come under the manufacturer warranty coverage. Manufacturer Warranty that comes with the vehicle will cover only certain problems and last for a specific period of time or kilometers the vehicles cover.

Extended warranty is available to customers via third party providers such as AAA warranty services or dealerships. Always choose to purchase from the third party providers. It provides coverage on certain mechanical and electrical parts not covered under the manufacturer warranty. Extended warranty promises to repair or replacement of the parts and may exclude routine activities such as oil changes, tire replacement, etc… Therefore, before you buy an extended warranty plan you must be aware of the coverage that it provides.

How extended warranty turns beneficial?

By offering coverage on repair or replacement of parts, the warranty plans, in fact, reduce undue financial stress. More than that, it gives customers complete peace of mind.

Many extended warranties come with roadside assistance services that can help if you are stranded in the middle of the road due to vehicle break down.

Many warranties are transferrable to future owners as well. This helps both the buyer and the seller, as it will increase resale value, and it also gives a peace of mind to the future buyer.

Some parts are excluded from the warranty coverage and it usually may include the tires, brakes, and shocks. Need to confirm with the providers about which parts are covered and not.

Which policy are the most relied upon?

AAA warranty services have an irrefutable position in dealing with extended warranty plans to electronics and autos. It typically covers anything that goes wrong with the car and it provides you a high level of coverage at a reasonable price.

AAA extended warranty benefits

- All parts and labor costs are covered

- Claims to settle immediately

- The well-defined claim process

- Throughout Road Side Assistance

- Cost effective plans

Corresponding to your financial budget you can choose an extended warranty that benefits and suits your needs the most.

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