While in the winter season, we never think about summer’s hot temperature. Only when the summer hits, you really feel hot and during that time you start wishing for cold winter.

Let’s take a look at these must-have tips every driver should know about keeping their car in good shape this hot season.

Check the Air Conditioner

Driving in hot summer with faulty AC is unimaginable, therefore it is more than just a modern luxury. Even a crack in the windows let the temperature inside the car reach high in few minutes. It is better to keep safe by testing your AC before the weather gets extremely warm. If the air is not running cool enough the problem is most likely the amount of air refrigerant. A refrigerant is an easy purchase at your local auto store. We’re always happy to answer your questions at the dealership.

Check Radiator Temperature

The cooling systems of your car are necessary to keep the engine running properly. If the radiator problems are not caught early, there is a high chance of getting problems and it causes the engine to shut down. Hence it’s very important to never remove the radiator cap while your engine is hot. Check your car’s engine only after you have given your car a few hours to cool down after driving. Once the engine is cool, ensure to check if the radiator coolant is full by checking the overflow reservoir.

Look Under the Hood

Checking under the hood of the car is important. Once the AC is up and running you can see the condensation dripping from the car onto the road. If you can see the liquid oily or colorful it indicates possible engine trouble. Ensure to check under the hood to avoid a risky breakdown. Look for cracked hoses and frayed belts. Ensure there is nothing blocking the radiator or air filter. Taking precautions to prevent these issues will keep the engine cool and car running.

Check the Battery

Changing the battery on a specified interval is fine and at the same time, it is important to inspect battery routinely. In the heat, fast evaporation of battery fluids lead to rusting and it prevents the battery from connecting. To avoid these issues, it is good to check it routinely. At the same time ensure that the battery is tightened and that prevents it from vibrating while driving. As heat and vibration cause the battery to damage. Early battery issues can cause internal car breakdown or engine failure.

Replace Worn Windshield Wipers

After a long winter, the windshield wipers of the car can be exhausted. When the winter is over, you may forget to check the wipers. Once it starts to rain, you may need to make the windshield wipers of your car are in top form. Ensure to inspect and replace any worn windshield wipers to keep safe. In order to inspect your wipers properly lift up the arm and look at the bottom edges. If the edges are worn or frayed, it’s time to head into your service station for a replacement.

These issues can drain your pocket via heavy auto repair expenses. You can deal with the expenses by buying out an auto extended warranty for your car. An auto extended warranty covers your auto expenses by covering important parts of your vehicle. It depends on the plans the providers offer. You can buy Auto extended warranty from AAA Warranty Services the leading warranty services provider in the Middle East. Along with the plan you can buy roadside assistance policy as well. You never stand in the middle of a journey when your car breaks down.

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