Having an extended warranty for your new car is worth the investment. Many new car owners are confused with the choice if to buy an extended warranty for their new cars or not. You may not be acceptable to bear the extra costs that come in the form of repair, maintenance, damage and after the expiry of original manufacturer warranty. So it is important to understand why protecting your investment with the extended warranty is something to consider seriously.

To help make the decision a little easier, let’s first define what an extended warranty is.

An extended warranty is particularly designed to save the owner from the repair costs after the manufacturer warranty expires. It is a kind of vehicle service agreement or the extended service agreement.

How it benefits the customers?

  • Usually, the extended warranties let the customers have the vehicle repairs with less or no deductibles, for an additional period after the original warranty runs out. By covering the repair and other damage costs, these extended warranties, in fact, reduce the financial stress.
  • Along with repair benefits, many extended warranties offer other services such as car rental discounts, towing, lost-key services, and trip benefits that can help finance unexpected expenses if you are far away from home and your vehicle breaks down.
  • Many warranties are transferable to future owners as well. This helps both the buyer and the seller, as it may increase resale value, and it also gives a peace of mind to the future buyer.

Some parts are excluded from the warranty coverage and it usually may include the tires, brakes, and shocks. The list of items being excluded from the coverage may vary from provider to provider and you need to confirm in advance the items that fall under the warranty coverage.

If you are convinced with the idea of extended protection and don’t want to be surprised with expensive repair bills after the expiry of manufacturer warranty, an auto extended warranty is an ideal choice. It is always better to buy auto extended warranty plans from the experienced warranty providers.

Buy Auto extended warranty from the leader

AAA warranty Services LLC is an expert in providing the extended warranty to new and used cars. The auto warranty typically covers anything that goes wrong with the car and it provides you a high level of coverage at a reasonable price. It gives you the real value that allows customers to keep away from anxiety and monetary loss.

AAA Auto extended warranty benefits

Besides offering complete protection through our various extended warranty plans, the provider handles your claims in a flexible way. Find out our services they offer you great peace of mind.

  • All parts and labor costs are covered
  • Claims to settle immediately
  • The well-defined claim process
  • Get the maximum claim
  • Countrywide repair service
  • Throughout Road Side Assistance
  • Rental car benefits
  • Cost effective plans

Like any insurance policy, prices vary and each one covers different aspects of your vehicle and repairs that are needed. Matching your financial budget you can choose an extended warranty that benefits and suits your needs the most.

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