Driving rules are important for safe driving and it ensures your safety as well as others. It is your part to make sure your side is clear and follows the etiquettes of driving. Let’s get to a few important rules for driving at high speed-

Say ‘No’ To Driving When You Are Stressed

Under stressful conditions, it is better to avoid driving and this is an important tip. Having stressed or fatigued the probability of meeting accidents is greater than when you drive normally. Stress tends to make your mind distracted and doesn’t give enough time to focus on the core of driving. The brain reacts slowly to the sudden decisions that you have to take while in driving, particularly when you drive in high speed. Driving under the influence of alcohol should be avoided.

Slow Down In Bad Weather

So much focus has to be given to the grip of tires on road to ensure if it meets the road surface well. You have to maintain good friction and this is achieved by driving at a fair speed. In the events of storms and heavy rains, ensure the tires make enough contact with the ground and stay in gravity. It may cause the surface to slip and may turn bad for your drive. At any instances, never try to overtake unless you feel confident so in bad weathers.

Know the Blind Spots

You must be aware of blind spots inside the car that obstruct the outside view. Such as the area behind the pillar near the driver seat where the rear-view mirrors do not work. While having higher speed and turning your vehicle, you need to observe the blind spot and see if no one is crossing the road. Always maintain a good distance that you can see the vehicles and humans in the rear-view and outside mirrors. There is no use of keeping the wing mirrors and the inner rear view mirror closed. Always use them for the purpose they serve.

Use indicator in every turn or when overtaking

You may tend to overtake when the road is clear. However, it is always good to use the indicator to let other vehicles know you are overtaking. Also, use the horn when it is day and during night use the flashlights and then take the turn or overtake carefully. You do not know the misfortune; do not let it pass you.

Ensure your vehicle has Proper Tire Pressure

When you drive at high speed, the tires are likely to burn if you do not maintain the right pressure in them. There should be a minimum standard level of air pressure to keep in the tires as recommended by the manufacturer, it shouldn’t be less and overinflated. Keep the tire from busting by maintaining the right pressure.

What matters the most is to follow the driving rules and apply it to have a safe journey. When you are taking a long journey to ensure you have small breaks in a specific time interval. Stop at every few kilometers (100 to 150) and normalize the movement before you drive again.

In the event of any unforeseen incidents, you may end up with a hefty auto repair bill. If your car is not under warranty coverage, you can have an extended warranty; it can cover the auto repair expenses without any hassle. Along with the Extended Warranty Plan, you can have the Roadside Assistance policy as well to avail quick assistance while in emergency situations. Get the best warranty plan from reliable provider AAA warranty services and avail flexible coverage for new and used cars.

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