It may be the largest purchase you make in your lifetime - Buying a car. With such significant investment you make, why not consider a smart extended protection for your car? Here the importance of extended warranties comes into play.

This warranty begins to function when the manufacturer standard warranty expires. As your car gets older, the possibility for the wear and tear is greater and the parts start to stop functioning. Take for example, the major component of your vehicle engine stop working or fail suddenly and the only option left is to replace it. You might end up with hefty bills for the parts and labor. With an extended warranty, don’t need to worry about the possible pain coming to your wallet while your car is getting fixed.

Here are the top five reasons you should buy an extended auto warranty for your car.

It protects your car long after the factory warranty ends: While most new cars come with the factory warranties, they are limited to certain period only. However with the extended warranties, you can extend the limits as long as you want.

Your warranty can pay for itself: The car repair is expensive; sometimes it can go beyond your expectations. Buying an extended warranty upfront can help you overcome your difficulties, since these costs do not have to be paid from your pocket.

Extended warranties come with extra perks: Warranty companies like AAA provide extra amenities along with the warranty to their customers. It includes the car rental benefits and the roadside assistance throughout. These extra facilities will not be available with the original warranty.

It increases the resale value of your car: If you do decide to sell your car before the extended warranty ends, the warranty is usually transferable for a small fee to the new owner. Since the warranty gives the buyer extra peace of mind when buying a used vehicle, it can increase the resale value for the seller.

Stop getting shocked with massive bills for the repair every time. Auto extended warranty is a great choice, if you want to protect your investment and not be surprised by costly repairs. As with any other insurance policies, there are different warranty plans available with AAA designed for different situations.

Why AAA?

Advanced American Auto Warranty Services LLC. (AAA) is internationally licensed to provide auto extended warranty.

AAA is the industry expert in the realm of extended warranty services in Middle East. People love this company for their immense compassion to serve their customers with comprehensive options. With the extensive coverage options and extended warranty plans in Middle East, you have the choice in front of you to choose from. And depending on the coverage period you required AAA choose the suitable option that gives you great peace of mind and value for money.

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