Advanced American Auto Warranty Services LLC. (AAA)

You will likely come to know what extended warranty is all about once you finalize a deal to buy a car or electronics. Now these days the dealers or third party insurers come with the options in the form of extra warranty to satisfy the customers. Some doubt will cast on the minds of customers if to go for the extra warranty or not. More than anything, before you get into the deal you should have the understanding of what exactly is the extended warranty.

What is Extended Warranty?

Extended warranty really is the service agreement or service contract offered to customers in addition to the standard manufacturer warranty.

Warranty Providers are offering extended warranty to the electronics devices, Automotives, furniture, homes, Marines and others. Coverage options provided by companies will vary. For example; some provider’s gives coverage to the wear and tear of mechanical parts, others give coverage to the mechanical or electrical breakdown and so. But it may not cover the peripheral items.

Choose the warranty plans from the experienced players

No matter what, it is wise to rely on the best warranty provider that gives the best coverage options. When it comes to the Extended Warranty in Kuwait, AAA (Advanced American Auto Warranty Services LLC) is renowned as the best and the largest warranty providers in the region. Being an international warranty provider, the company offers the extended warranty coverage to Homes, Cars (used cars and new cars), boats and yachts, furniture and electronics.

Auto Extended Warranty

AAA warranty Services LLC is an expert to providing extended warranty to new and used cars. The auto extended warranty normally covers the damage and repairs that are based on the amount of time and miles covered. The company is the foremost warranty provider in Kuwait that provides you a high level of coverage at a reasonable price. The AAA Auto warranty enables the customers to enjoy a greater auto life and peace of mind.

Electronics Extended Warranty

AAA Electronics warranty covers part or parts of damage with repair or replacement whichever is deemed fit. Be assured of compensation in case of repair or turned useless. The company starts error free coverage the moment the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Home Extended Warranty

AAA extends the coverage for expensive appliances, structural components and other devices. Company has tied up with several authorized providers to offer you the best solutions, therefore in the event of any issues, if your home is covered with protection plan you do not have to worry. With the customer friendly coverage options and plans AAA is known to be the largest and the leading Home Warranty provider in Kuwait.

Furniture Extended Warranty

With the AAA furniture extended warranty, you can relax knowing that all your furniture is protected from damages and other accidental damages. Plus, along with the plan, you avail the service of a furniture repair expert as well. No matter the kind of furniture you plan to buy, we have the right protection plan that is designed in accordance with your needs and budget.

Why AAA?

With the extensive coverage options and extended warranty plans in the Middle East and  neighbouring nations, you have the choice in front of you to choose from. And depending on the coverage period you required they pick the suitable option that gives you great peace of mind and value for money.

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