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Is your credit card covered with Purchase protection ?

Studies show that about 30 million people in the Gulf are using credit cards for their annual expenses between 2000 to 400 million dollars and the banks, in turn, are cash transaction may be kept to a minimum level. Hence the idea of developing the "Purchase & Price protection" products for the Credit Cards. 

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the value added services provided by the third party service providers. From utilizing the warranty services to getting the insurance coverage on products they purchase, they are interested to accept beneficial services that come in their way. As a result customers are increasingly opting for the services such as GAP insurance, purchase protection and price protection. Always committed to deliver the best, AAA Warranty Services LLC is an experienced player in the Gulf region delivering extensive services including various warranty plans and other personal services. Our purchase protection service combines the best practices that ensure best protection coverage for the products you buy. Isn't it looking amazing ?

It's a boon to the card holders who, in the event of loss, robbery or damages of the items purchased on credit cards, can avail compensation benefits from the insured bank within 60 days of the purchase date.


Purchase protection for your credit card

Wouldn't it be nice to get your valued purchase insured ?

We know how painful it would be to lose your valued items you had just purchased. There the necessity of purchase protection comes. Our purchase protection plan offers the coverage against direct accidental physical loss or damage to the items you purchased with your credit card for 60 days from the date of purchase. With our protection plan, you are insured against accidental loss or damage in the amount you consumed to purchase the items. With us you get the maximum amount of coverage as specified for each year, individually for the applicant and extra cardholders. Once you got the secured feeling that your purchase is completely protected, you can simply enjoy the shopping without any hassles.

What should I do if I have a claim?

If it seems that your item has been accidentally lost or damaged you can avail the immediate assistance from us. You will get the necessary help from our always-on help centre. If you are unable to inform us at the right time, you must inform us of your claim within 30 days of date of loss. If in case the items are genuinely damaged and are unable to replace it or repair it, we will reimburse the purchase price of the item. To know more on how the purchase protection works on the items you purchase, you can contact us.

who is eligible to get the purchase protection?

Customers carrying a valid card and are the residents of the bank home country are eligible for the purchase protection plan. Other important elements of the card such as the validity, trustworthiness of the holder and relationship with the bank etc…will also be taken into consideration.


your purchase with a warranty

Get the purchase protection for your credit card with the leading service provider in Gulf and make the shopping easy.